evening walks 005A Haiku for Ellie

Wildflowers sway
beauty dances in the light
sadness loses ground

The haiku came from a longer poem I wrote for Ellie who passed away on June 23rd, 2014. I find it fascinating how to find the condensed nature of a poem, I must start with the fuller picture. It is only after writing the many words that clarity arises.

Like grieving. Like loving. Like life.

We must dig into the whole picture, revel in the dirt and the sun, to find the beautiful essence at the core of our being alive, of our being human, of our being here on this planet together.

In a Field of Wild Flowers

I leaned into the edge
of where you left
footprints on my heart
filled with memories
surfacing on the tears
that fell
like raindrops
fields of wildflowers
where once you ran
free and abandoned.

I watched you run free
and cannot go with you.

It was your time,
not mine.

Peace comes in the light
of knowing you are running free
forever in time.