I got inspired today by Sandra Heska King whose blog today, Just for Fun: Color Poems, is a beautiful meditation on colour and poetic verse.

There’s a whole poetry slam thingie going on with Twitter and such of which I have little idea, but…. what appealed to me was the invitation to write a poem based on the words, Polka Dots.

So I did.

On Polka’s & Dots

We danced
our feet
skipping to the chords
of an accordion
the Beer Barrel Polka
while all around us
the room whirled
and I grew dizzy
holding you in my arms.

You felt so light.

I love to polka
you yelled as we swirled
your breath hot
against my ear
and I asked you your name
in one breathless gasp
and you said Dot
and I laughed out loud
and asked you, what’s your favourite?
and you replied
Kiss me! I’m Polish!

So I did.