©2020 Louise Gallagher
 In a rush to make-meaning
 in all that has happened
 in all that has gone wrong
 or right
 in all that has been lost
 or gained
 I lose
 in the desperate struggle
 to not feel
 what I tell myself
 has been lost.
 Perhaps in my struggle
 to make it all
 make sense
 or have a purpose
 or fit into a box
 that only I can see
 I lose sight of
 all I cannot see.
 Perhaps, the meaning
 is in the experience.
 Perhaps, the making sense
 does not make sense.
 Perhaps, when I allow
 the purpose of everything
 to be the experience
 of everything
 without holding on
 to it all
 without fearing
 it all
 without judging it
 good or bad
 acceptable or unacceptable
 necessary or unnecessary
 I will find myself
 in that liminal space
 where all I have
 and all I am
 and all I know
 are nothing
 more than
 all I have to let go of.
 And, perhaps
 when I let go
 of naming
 all I have
 all I lost
 all I won
 all I know
 I will find myself
 in all I am.
 Perhaps then I will experience
 the all that I am
 as the most precious gift
 of all. 

In The Dread of Winter’s Grip


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In the Dread of Winter’s Grip
by Louise Gallagher 
November 2020

An arctic wind nips
in eager expectation
of the sun’s waning light
as shadows lengthen
and geese fly south
in sisterly formation
beneath a moody November sky.

And memories of summer blooms
in the lengthening shadows that herald
the approach of winter's kisses.

Silently, as vapid sunshine seeps
stealthily across the far horizon
a frosty chill descends
upon the pristine stillness
of a wintery landscape
lulled to sleep
beneath a blustery grey sky.

And the promise of spring waits
deep beneath the silence of snow
falling into the dread of winter’s grip.

The Poetry of a November Sky


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The Poetry of A November Sky
by Louise Gallagher

Under a November sky
slate grey streaked with
the promise of snows yet to fly,
the river flows 
gun metal weary.

The trees bend
branches naked to the wind
that swoops down
in streams of icy persistence
from Arctic realms.

And still,nature dances
in hoar frost glory
kissing barren limbs
with shimmering finery
that sparkle like glittery stars
cast upon a velvety blanket
of leaf strewn earth
covered in autumn hues 
of red and gold and auburn.

And deep beneath the silent earth
summer flowers sleep
dreaming of spring blossoms.

Beauty flows through every season.

Enough’s Enough

Enough’s Enough

2020 Louise Gallagher

Fear lurks in darkened corners
stirring thoughts into worry.
The future seems too far away
and distant.

The memory of breath interrupts your fear.
Gasping at the truth,
you need your breath,
you breathe. Deeply.

Fear slips out on the exhale.
Love flows in on the inhale.

You breathe easy in the certainty,
this moment, right now, is enough.
This breath, right now, is enough.
This is enough to sustain you
in these uncertain times.

Remember & Awaken

Remember & Awaken

by Louise Gallagher

The memory of a tree
is buried deep
beneath our feet
walking on the soil
that is its home
its birthplace
its womb.

Tread lightly
the trees call out
swaying their branches
in the sky above
as if to catch
our attention down below
where we walk
to their dance of love
with all of nature.

Tread lightly
they whisper
to the air
their voices a sweet caress
calling all the world
to remember and awaken
to the beauty above
and all around us.

Tread lightly
you are walking
on our past
our present
our future.

Tread lightly.