2. A Haiku For Peace

Black rain falls to earth
pouring down pain and darkness
sparrow flies no more.


It is Time



It is time.
Time to awaken, to rise up, speak up, step up
Time to open our hearts, shift our minds and let peace enter.
It is time to put down arms without fearing for our lives
Time to hold out our arms in love for every life on this planet we share
it is time to move away from discord and unease
it is time to move into harmony and joy
loving kindness
and peace.
oh yes.

It is time for peace
peace in our hearts
peace in our minds
in our families and communities
in our cities and provinces
states and countries
it is time for peace in all our world
It is time.

We are born forever.

we are born forever copyWe are born forever

©2015 Louise Gallagher

We are born
designed without committee
without collaborative hands
staking out the ground
where one of us will stand
while others fall
by the wayside.

There is no wayside.

We are in this
all for one
one for all

We are created
by the Divine
whose voice
is our voice
whose hands
are our hands
whose being
is our being.

There is no other.

We are born
no ifs ands or buts
can ever take away
the sum of our parts
that do not add up
to our magnificence
it is all
there is
no other part to us
no shadow
of doubt
clouding up the skies
of our forever

There is no dimming of our magnificence.

We are forever
in this moment
where we forget
the beauty of our essence
in the light of this moment
to the truth
we do not need to search
for the path
to enlightenment
we are the path
our own way
our own light.

There is no other way.

There is only us
each and every one
created to last forever
no matter how this journey
into the sands
of time
filling in
the footprints we left
in the seas of change
washing away
our memory
of our magnificence

There is only our forever.

The Birthing

The Love Bird

The Love Bird (Mixed Media – Louise Gallagher)

The Birthing

©2014 Louise Gallagher

Giving birth
to what I do not know

I tremble
in the light


within my womb
truth breaks

my body

at the liminal threshold
of revelation
on the edges
of my labor

I press my forehead
against mother nature’s breast
and drink of her nectar
pulsing through my veins

Reveal to me
the truth
of all that is possible

when I let go of fear

I cry
and surrender

unto Love.

Praying the Hours


, ,

IMG_5856Prayer For The Hours
(honouring the rhythm of the day through prayerful contemplation of haiku)

©2014 Louise Gallagher

VIGILS (Night)

Beginning, sun sets
in shadowed light embracing day.
Owl hunts in darkness.

LAUDS (Dawn)

Breathing into light
dawn quietly leaves night’s bed.
Sparrow sings of joy.

TERCE (Morning)

Create! day called out
to time passing by unseen.
Magpie adors its nest.

SEXT (Noon)

Crimson fire burning hot
expands out to touch the horizon.
Eagle soars on high.

NONE (Mid-afternoon)

Ending, day seeks
closure in death’s sweet promise.
Raven waits patiently.

VESPERS (Evening)

Dusks thin veil pulls back
releasing earth from day’s labour.
Dove settles lightly.


Seeking the great One
silence beckons at night’s edge.
Swan floats silently.

In dawn’s light shining


In Dawn’s Light Shining

©2014 Louise Gallagher

In the sacred space
of a brand new day
wakefulness draws me
gently away from sleep
making room for gratitude
to fill my heart
a song of awakening
to the gift
of being alive
in this moment
at this special time
right now
where I can
in dawn’s light shining.


Essentially Me

Art Journal Page September 4, 2014

Art Journal Page
September 4, 2014

Essentially Me

©2014 Louise Gallagher

I am going to start living life like a monk
cleansing myself of superficiality cluttering
the corridors of my creative expression
aligning itself along the fault lines
of normalcy that does not sit
well amidst the sacred calling
of my soul to listen
listen to my heart’s beat
yearning for release.

I am going to start living life like an artist
breaking through the constrictions of my need
to keep myself safe within
the voice of reason urging me
to be careful and not lean too far
over the edge of chaos calling
calling me to dance
naked with the birds
soaring on the wind.

I am going to start living life like an artist and a monk
casting off the conventional
wisdom of my being
on the road that winds its way
through the forest
of my thinking thick with the belief
there is no other way
to be than how I am,
here, right now.

I am going to start living life like a mystic
running wild through the forest screaming
high upon the wind’s of life diving
into my creative expression free falling
into the light of being who I am,
in the beauty of my spirit rising
rising up within the Divine essence
of being one with the One
here, right now.


This poem is in response to this week’s lesson for the 12 week journey I am taking with Abbey of the Arts — The Way of the Monk. The Path of the Artist. the course follows the twelve-week journey outlined in the book The Artist’s Rule: nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom, by Christine Valters Paintner, Abbess of the Abbey.

The invitation was to write a poem using the title of I Am Going to Start Living Like a Mystic  by Edward Hirsch as its inspiration. It was a beautiful and calming exercise into the divine essence of being present with the muse.