Remember & Awaken

Remember & Awaken

by Louise Gallagher

The memory of a tree
is buried deep
beneath our feet
walking on the soil
that is its home
its birthplace
its womb.

Tread lightly
the trees call out
swaying their branches
in the sky above
as if to catch
our attention down below
where we walk
to their dance of love
with all of nature.

Tread lightly
they whisper
to the air
their voices a sweet caress
calling all the world
to remember and awaken
to the beauty above
and all around us.

Tread lightly
you are walking
on our past
our present
our future.

Tread lightly.

Softening Into Wholeness

Softening Into Wholeness

©2019 Louise Gallagher

Let me move
as softly as a leaf falling
the song of life
singing my heart and soul
my senses
by the wild and glorious
beauty of this one
divinely orchestrated
planet travelling through space.

Let me dance
as wild as a leaf
spinning with the wind
in sacred communion
with all my senses
within the fullness
of life
moving through me
as I move with
all of life
and soften
without thought
into Wholeness.

The Road to Nowhere (A Quadrille)


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Meanwhile, somewhere in the Rockies… a poem appeared

This poem is in response to a poetry prompt that appeared in my Inbox this morning — it called to me as I remembered taking several photos from the car as my beloved and I drove back from the west coast earlier this summer.

NOTE:  The poem itself in no way reflects our relationship. We are committed to driving together, side by side, or the rest of our lives!

However, sometimes, a prompt elicits thoughts that are asking to be expressed. In this instance, the prompt was for a Quadrille (a 44 word poem) that had to include the word, or variation of the word, “Nick”.

This poem wrote itself into being.  It was fun!

The Road To Nowhere

©2019 Louise Gallagher

I nicked a photo of your thoughts
left abandoned
on the roadside
where you drove off
without me.

A photo nicked holds not enough time
to find the way back
to where we drove side by side
on the road to nowhere
but Love.


To read more responses to the poetry prompt visit Diverse Poets.  It’s quite fun and entertaining too!  You might even feel inspired to ‘nick’ a poem or two or at least pen one!