The Road to Nowhere (A Quadrille)


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Meanwhile, somewhere in the Rockies… a poem appeared

This poem is in response to a poetry prompt that appeared in my Inbox this morning — it called to me as I remembered taking several photos from the car as my beloved and I drove back from the west coast earlier this summer.

NOTE:  The poem itself in no way reflects our relationship. We are committed to driving together, side by side, or the rest of our lives!

However, sometimes, a prompt elicits thoughts that are asking to be expressed. In this instance, the prompt was for a Quadrille (a 44 word poem) that had to include the word, or variation of the word, “Nick”.

This poem wrote itself into being.  It was fun!

The Road To Nowhere

©2019 Louise Gallagher

I nicked a photo of your thoughts
left abandoned
on the roadside
where you drove off
without me.

A photo nicked holds not enough time
to find the way back
to where we drove side by side
on the road to nowhere
but Love.


To read more responses to the poetry prompt visit Diverse Poets.  It’s quite fun and entertaining too!  You might even feel inspired to ‘nick’ a poem or two or at least pen one!

Love Never Gives Up (A Haiku)

Day 18 – 30 Day Art Project
A Haiku on Love

“Hearts break without sound
Tears falling blinded by snow.
Seeds yearn for spring’s warmth.”

Love never gives up.

Sometimes, we give up on love or believe it isn’t present, or that it doesn’t care to be with us.

Love is always present. Love is always caring for and with us.

We need to care for ourselves to know its power, to experience its majesty, to be free to Love.

Alleluia Chorus

Alleluia Chorus
©2018 Louise Gallagher

Darkness rests
is the night
lingering at the edge
of day
waiting to appear
to open up
hearts and minds
to the wonder
of a thousand tiny fragments
of light ascending
into heavenly hosts
of alleluia
in the beauty of spirits rising
in Love and Light.


The Christchild is coming.


Love is in the air.

I am rising

I am rising

©2016 Louise Gallagher

Soul Dance card copyI am rising
rising up
from the ashes
a Phoenix
casting out
and heartbreak
and heart wrenching
of life
into the boiling seas
where I could not feel
the heat
of my heart
flowing endlessly
with creation
rising up
into woman
shaking off
time’s grim hold
holding me down
so I could not
rise up
to hear
my voice
rising up
from the ashes.

I am rising.

She Once Had Dreams


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She once had dreams.

©2016 Louise Gallagher

She sits
head bowed
shaggy black hair
covered up
by a soiled grey hoody
covering up
the ravaged eyes
of lost hope and dreams
in a puff
upon a pipe
that robs her of
of being
but here
sitting on a sidewalk
back against a wall.

He stumbles
shoulders hunched
grey hair streaked
pulled back
into a pony-tail
head uncovered
empty eyes
and gaunt cheeks
by years passing
on the street
to nowhere
but a bottle
left empty
filling up
into that space
where once
hopes and dreams
tried desperately to survive
amidst the pain and sorrow
of a past
he could not forget
and the despair
he could not let go of.

They stand
falling endlessly
into the abyss
of hopelessness
falling down
cast out
upon their heads
bowed in supplication
praying for release
as we pass by
never dreaming
they once
had dreams
worth dreaming.