The River of Peace

Art Journal Augst 22, 2015

The River of Peace

 Peace comes when we become
like the river
flowing endlessly
into the sea.

The river doesn’t try
to change obstacles in its way
the river only flows
from this moment
into the next.

Peace will flow like the river
when we let the way
become our path
flowing into peace.

8. Peace Comes

Peace comes
in the space between
our fight
to overcome the differences
that divide us

one against the other
we line up
on opposite sides
of the borders
that keep us apart
and separate us

from our humanity
calling us
to make peace
between the distance
that separates us

we must know
that all that divides us
is our humanity
seeking to know

6. Searching in the Dark


Searching in the Dark

copyright 2015 Louise Gallagher

Sleep lies restlessly
leaving no mark on the pillow
it stalks the night
searching for a crack
to slip silently through
to the other side of night.

I search for sleep
in the dark
finding myself awake
in the silence of the night
slipping away
through the cracks
where my resless mind
seeks the one thing it knows
will bring me through the night.


It is Time



It is time.
Time to awaken, to rise up, speak up, step up
Time to open our hearts, shift our minds and let peace enter.
It is time to put down arms without fearing for our lives
Time to hold out our arms in love for every life on this planet we share
it is time to move away from discord and unease
it is time to move into harmony and joy
loving kindness
and peace.
oh yes.

It is time for peace
peace in our hearts
peace in our minds
in our families and communities
in our cities and provinces
states and countries
it is time for peace in all our world
It is time.