From Where I Sit

©2014 Louise Gallagher

(Written at River Rock Studio, July 27, 2014)

From where I sit, leaves
rustle in the summer
breeze whispering stories
of lovers kissing
in the heat of passion
blossoming beneath the hot simmering
sun beating down.

From where I sit, dragonflies
flirt, making love
mid flight on wings
shimmering in pearly incandescence
light bodies freed
from the cocoon of summer
flowing in delight.

From where I sit, fir trees
stretch high, touching
the sky, spiky peaks
piercing blue cerulean arc
stretching above with spotted
fluffy white clouds
drifting aimlessly by.

From where I sit, a doe
prances past, senses
alert, she stops
glancing back
towards where she passed
curiosity piqued
she startles and vanishes
into the woods.

From where I sit, summer floats
effortlessly upon warm sultry
air bursting on the edge
of creativity
waiting to be awoken
at the edge of the forest.