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IMG_5856Prayer For The Hours
(honouring the rhythm of the day through prayerful contemplation of haiku)

©2014 Louise Gallagher

VIGILS (Night)

Beginning, sun sets
in shadowed light embracing day.
Owl hunts in darkness.

LAUDS (Dawn)

Breathing into light
dawn quietly leaves night’s bed.
Sparrow sings of joy.

TERCE (Morning)

Create! day called out
to time passing by unseen.
Magpie adors its nest.

SEXT (Noon)

Crimson fire burning hot
expands out to touch the horizon.
Eagle soars on high.

NONE (Mid-afternoon)

Ending, day seeks
closure in death’s sweet promise.
Raven waits patiently.

VESPERS (Evening)

Dusks thin veil pulls back
releasing earth from day’s labour.
Dove settles lightly.


Seeking the great One
silence beckons at night’s edge.
Swan floats silently.