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A Love Letter to a Squirrel

©2013 Louise Gallagher

I wrote a love letter
to a squirrel
the one who likes to dig up
my flowers, throwing dirt
this way and that.

I didn’t want to
write him
I didn’t want to
fall in love
with the critter
who causes me such dismay
but in the act of falling into love
(there is no other way to write a love letter)
I find myself smiling
as I think of his little furry body
across the lawn
onto the deck
peanut in mouth,
his tiny paws joined together in delight
as he searches for the perfect place
to bury his treasure.

And while I struggle
to understand why he must dig up
the Lobelia, chop down the daisies,
and decimate the pansies
I am smiling as the words flow
in celebration
of nature’s bounty
digging into the earth
and spilling out all around me.

Dear Mr Squirrel,

Thank you for visiting my flower pots. Thank you for making them your home, for digging into the dirt and squirreling away the peanuts my neighbour leaves out for you.

Even though I wanted to ask my neighbour to stop providing you such tasty treats that lead you to my flowerpots, I am grateful he is taking such good care of your needs. I am grateful his kind heart has opened itself up to your presence. In his generosity of spirit I am reminded to celebrate moments of wonder in everyday. I am reminded to welcome all the creatures of the Universe into my world so that I can delight in all creatures, great and small.

I see you Mr. Squirrel. You are welcome here. You are part of my life. We are one planet, one earth, one world.

I love how you skip across the lawn. How your tail bushes out when Ellie the Wonder Pooch races out the back door in search of you. I love the chatter of your voice when you sit up high in the tree looking down on her looking up at you. I love that you feel welcome here. That you know I will not trap you, or try to destroy you. I love that you remind me every day that there is a place for all creatures on earth, and all creatures on earth have a place.

So, Mr. Squirrel, in order for us to live harmoniously, would you consider not making your place in my flower pots? There’s a big wide lawn out there. You’re welcome to use it.

In love and gratitude

Your neighbour (and the one who puts out all those flower pots),