I can’t believe I haven’t written a poem since May 2!  And as always happens when  I write, “I can’t believe” about something that is so, my inner guide replies, “Believe it and save yourself the energy of false disbelief.”

Which, of course, inspires a poem on false disbelief.

When The Story Ends

©2013 Louise Gallagher

You said
there’d be another time
to laugh and talk together.

You promised
there’d always be a chance
to get it right, no matter what.

But time’s story is different
than the tale of hope
and possibility
you wove around my heart

Time’s story
found the ending
I did not want
to read
and now
my eyes must open
to the truth
I could not believe

Now I must face
the world
stripped of the magic cloak
you wove
when first we met
and you promised to love
me until death
do us part

Your story of happily ever after
has found its ending
dangling in a missed particle
of truth revealed
when I opened my eyes
to the power of my heart.

Your story has been found
by the truth I embrace
with every breath
I breathe into
the freedom of believing
the story of my life is not
created in another’s eyes
it’s lived
wholeheartedly free
in mine.