A Stitch In Time

© 2013 Louise Gallagher

A story told
of a life
patchworked together
every moment stitched
with loving hands
into the fabric of time
laid out in lines
covering up
the pain
of love won
and lost
of dreams held
and abandoned
of hopes regained
of life reclaimed
on a spread of courage woven
into the quilted memories
of a past
that cannot be covered up
each stitch revealing
the beauty beneath
the covers.


This week, as part of the finale for this year’s This Is My City Festival, quilts made by participants at the Women’s Centre were showcased. These women come from all over the world, they are fleeing war, famine, abuse. The quilts tell their story of courage, heroism, beauty. I only took two photos — but there were many more and they were all beautiful and heart-felt.