I see YouAn Ode for Blue Revue

©2013 Louise Gallagher

I see you
standing centre stage
moving stage left
you are always there
tucked in behind
never stepping in front
of the actor before you
you look
part of the scene
where you belong
just the way you are
always part of
not the whole part
a contributor
not the atom
bursting onto stage
setting the scene
on fire

on fire
you say
when I ask
how did it feel
and you exhale
a mighty breath
and the words
dance between us
I felt
on fire you say
and I see
the spark
light up your eyes
and I feel
your energy
like a wave cascading
against the smooth surface
of the stage against which you lean
on the ground now
you run one hand along the stage
where hundreds of feet
have tread
saying lines
throwing gestures
acting out
so others can see
there is no difference
between you
and me
no matter the address
and I know
no matter where
you are
fixed, tentative, or mobile
you are living it
carving out
that place within
where no matter
where you go
you are always
acting true
to who you are
to the voices
rising up
from the soul
of our humanity.