and now you're gone copy

And Now You’re Gone

©2013 Louise Gallagher

I remember the times
we walked and laughed
you were larger than life
to me you were a demi-god
my big bro
my protector
my hero

We’d walk down the hill
pass beneath the gargoyles
that hung out
from the top of the roof
of the house
at the corner
we’d turn right
along the cobblestone lane
to the park where the lion
kept watch
and we’d sit on that bench
where you once told me you drank
a beer with a girl you thought you might marry
and then you laughed
and told me about all the other girls
the one’s who got away
the one’s you caught
and I’d laugh and look up to you
and know
no matter what happened to
the others
we would always be
we were family.

and now, you’re gone
and I remember
those times
and I remember
your smile that made girls swoon
and your dark eyes that made hearts melt
and I remember how you taught me
to ride a bike
and to always get up after a fall
and how you taught me
to drive
and told me what to do
even when I wasn’t listening
and how I used to joke
and tell you that the sun rose
and set
on the son
but that didn’t make you
the boss of me.

and I wish
I could have them back
even the arguments
the anger, the tears
I wish
I could have you here
to sit on a bench
and tell you
in case you didn’t know
I love you.