IMG_2168Day After Day

©2013 Louise Gallagher

Was it you I saw on the street
sitting on a concrete wall
watching the world pass by
as you’ve watched it
pass for days on end
where did your world
disappear to?

Was it the time you gave
your heart
and it was returned
in pieces that could not fit
and so you reached
for a bottle, a pipe
anything to make the pain
go away.

Or maybe it was that time
you went out
for the newspaper
and she packed up
your world and the ones
you helped bring into it
and left you
without a clue
as to how to get it back.

Or maybe it was the death
of your dreams
that time you took
a risk and moved
to find your fortune
and all you got for your troubles
was a habit you didn’t want to keep

And now you’re stuck
with the memories of all the things
you tell yourself you’ve done
to bring you here
to this concrete wall
on which you sit
day after day
and watch the world go by.