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Welcome to my blog about peace — poems of peace specifically.

My intention is to write a poem a day on peace. To create a year of peace poems that speak to what it means for me to be at peace, in my heart, in my life, in my world.

To explore what it means to make peace happen, in my heart in my life, in my world.

To be the peace I want to create in the world. Told through poetry.

I’ve chosen this day specifically because today was my father’s birthday. My father wasn’t a peaceful man. If anything, he was an angry man, but, he wanted peace. He struggled to make peace in his life, in his world and in his heart and then his heart quit beating and he had no time to make peace. Peace never came easily to my father. There was so much unresolved, unsaid, unexplored in his past. So much he never let go of. Which is why, this blog is in honour of him. An angry man with a poet’s heart.

I’ll add a few links and videos I find on my journey — but mostly, this is my creative prompt to get me writing poetry everyday, and to inspire me to consciously write about peace in poetry form everyday.

Which doesn’t mean it will all be rhyming and iambic pentameter. In fact, the likelihood of rhymes and a specific rhythm is particularly slim.

This is free form. Free flowing. Free.

This is my peace-filled poetry freely expressed.